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Jennifer Liang, President
Atlanta, Ga.

Editor's Note: Jennifer supplied this one-paragraph intro for this page.

A lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy, Jennifer is the Chair of JordanCon and the current President of the Southern Fandom Confederation, the South's oldest regional science fiction fan club. She is the co-webmaster of, the largest Wheel of Time community discussion site online. Jennifer has been a featured presenter at WorldCon, MiniCon, LibertyCon and the North American Science Fiction Convention and served as the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time track Director at Dragon*Con for over a decade. She blogs about local restaurants, recipes, and sustainable living as “Northside Food” and has had her writing featured on and Cracked.

Later, Jennifer wrote this longer biography for the Southern Fandom Confederation Bulletin in Summer 2013. It gives a better idea of Jennifer's background, so it is reprinted here.

I Promise To Rule in a Fair and Just Manner

By Jennifer Liang

I figure since this is my first Bulletin and I'm fairly new to traditional fandom, an introduction is in order. Hi! I'm Jennifer and I'm a fan.

While I'm not native to Georgia, I do have Southern roots. My father's family is from Charlottesville, Virginia. My maiden name is Shifflett and if you're from that area, you definitely recognize it. The Shifflett clan, in all its various spellings, is well entrenched in rural Virginia. My parents were both military brats and lived all over the world before they finally settled in Salt Lake City, Utah with each other. My mother's family is from southern Idaho and we are descended from the original Mormon pioneers that settled that area. My dad's work transferred him from Salt Lake to the Atlanta office when I was fifteen and I've been here ever since.

My husband, Jimmy, is a native Texan. His parents are from Shanghai and Taiwan. We “met” online while I was in college on a Robert Jordan fan forum that I manage, You've probably met him over a gaming table at some convention.

In the working world, I'm a teacher of kids with special needs. I focus mostly on specific learning disabilities, autism spectrum, bi-polar and behavior disorders. My job is less “The Miracle Worker” and more “Fight Club”, but I find it very rewarding. I tend to work in private schools rather than public, because there is less emphasis on test scores and more on real learning and development.

I got involved in fandom when I was 18 by getting to know fans online at Dragonmount. A few years later, we wanted an annual excuse to get together in person, which became the Wheel of Time track at Dragon*Con. After a few years, the refrain was, “This is a lot of fun, Jennifer, but when are you going to start your own convention for us?” After a while, I couldn't ignore them any longer, and we started up JordanCon.

When I listen to the old timers talk about why DeepSouthCon and the SFC were created in the 1960's, their stories don't sound dissimilar from mine. I wanted to talk to other Robert Jordan fans, so I looked for them online. After talking to them there, I wanted to meet them in person. That's not much different from creating a fanzine, carrying on a long distance conversation via letters of comment and then finally meeting at WorldCon. The methods change, but not the message. Fans will always want to talk to other fans and organizations like the Southern Fandom Confederation will always exist to help them find each other.

My goals while President are:

  • To bring in new members, especially younger and more diverse fans.
  • To update and modernize our communications and business practices for the 21st century.
  • To promote DeepSouthCon as a regional attraction.
  • To continue the original spirit and ideals of the club.