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G. Patrick Molloy, Treasurer
Huntsville, Ala.

Patrick Molloy was born in New Jersey, but moved to Kentucky while in junior high school, where he remained until graduating college. He moved to Huntsville, Alabama in 1982, to work for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, where he has been ever since, except for a one-year assignment at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where the accompanying photo was taken.

He started in fandom in 1978 as a charter member of the Western Kentucky University Speculative Fiction Society (WKUSFS), and attended RiverCon 4 in the summer of that year. He has been to almost 300 conventions since then, volunteering for almost every department at one time or another. He has served on the committee for ConCave in south central Kentucky from its founding in 1980 to the present, serving as chairman 1980-1982, and art show co-director 19952009.

Other con committees include: Huntsville's Con*Stellation from 1982 to 1988 (co-chairman 1985 and 1988); three Huntsville DeepSouthCons: 23 (1985), 25 (1987)(co-chairman), and 40 (2002); DeepSouthCon 24 (Louisville, KY) 1986; and Noreascon 4, the 2004 Worldcon. In addition, he has held various levels of staff positions on multiple Worldcons, most recently as deputy site selection administrator for Aussiecon 4, the 2010 Worldcon.

He was guest of honor at ConCave 10, Park City, KY, 1989; Fan Guest of Honor at DeepSouthCon 27, Memphis, TN, 1989; and Science Guest of Honor at Marcon 42, Columbus, OH, 2007.

He received the 1993 Rebel Award for service to Southern Fandom at DeepSouthCon 31 in Louisville, KY.

Patrick and his wife, Naomi Fisher, were elected for the Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF), where they represented North American fandom at the 2001 Australian Natcon in Perth. They then served as administrators from 2001 to 2002, raising funds for DUFF, and more than tripling the size of the fund from what they started with.

Patrick twice served as the editor of the Kentucky Amateur Press Association (KAPA), from mailing #12 (1984) through #42 (1989); then from mailing #54 (1991) through the last mailing, #101 (1999).

This is Patrick's second time to serve as an officer of the SFC. He was Vice President for several years starting in 1987.

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