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Editorial Page

December 27, 2001:

Some say everything changed on September 11. Others say nothing changed; we only see things more clearly. Either way, none of us will ever forget what we were doing that morning.

We now live in a more somber country, at least for a while. This is not the place for a political discussion, but let us all remember our dead and support our troops as they search for the attackers.

Southern science fiction fandom lost one of its core members during the fall. The SFC lost its sine qua non. The Bulletin has a tribute to Meade Frierson. The Web site offers its praises on a special page.

We've also added a photo page from ConStellation in Huntsville during mid-October. Having an SF convention inside an airport terminal after the recent unpleasantness makes for some potentially awkward situations, but common sense prevailed all round and everyone enjoyed a fun convention.

Finally, we hope you'll enjoy the first two fan profiles. One is an SFC officer, the other a (gasp!) Midwestern fan who came to Huntsville to enjoy some Southern hospitality. You'll find these interviews in the Profiles section.

The Editor hopes to see more of Southern fandom in 2002, money and time permitting. The goal is to become one of the people who truly know what's going on in this part of fandom. He hopes to visit a number of conventions and club meetings. So don't be surprised if he shows up at your event with camera and notepad in hand. Hope to see all of you at Chattacon.

M. Lee Rogers

August 2, 2001:

Why do any group of people go to much trouble and expense to promote their special interests? Because they love it and want the world to know about it. The SFC Web Site is motivated from similar desires.

SF fans differ in the amount of time and devotion they put into fannish activities. Some can take it or leave it. We call this attitude "FIJAGDH" for "fandom is just a *** **** hobby". Others make it the centerpiece of their existence. We say their attitude is "FIAWOL" for "fandom is a way of life." Some walk away and never come back. They have gafiated (from gafia, or "getting away from it all"). Others hang around forever.

Whether you're FIJAGHD or FIAWOL or anywhere in between, everyone involved with the SFC Web Site hopes you'll find something interesting in these pages. If you're new, the introductory material will help give you a clue what these people in the funny costumes are talking about. But even the veterans should find something of interest in the "On the Scene" picture galleries and fan profiles.

A site like this is always a work in progress. We have ideas for new features specifically aimed at SFC members. More profiles and picture galleries will be added as they become available. But for now, that's our story and we're sticking to it.

Hope you enjoy it.

M. Lee Rogers