1997 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook & History
PART III: Regional Survey


I admit it. I goofed. I forgot all about Arkansas. I've never read a genzine or clubzine that came from there, never been to a con there, though I've heard good things about 'em. The only fan I ever knew from Arkansas was the late Dave Ryan, and where he is I can't call him up for a quick consult. Hope this section can be updated later. Neither Guy's Bulletins or Meade's 1980 Handbook are much help, although I note that the contact for the Little Rock club in 1980, Margaret Middleton, is in 1997 a guest of honor at Roc*Kon, suggesting a good deal of continuity there.

Little Rock: Klingon Military Academy, PO Box 94823, North Little Rock, AR 72190. Contact: William DeJesus.

Little Rock: Roc*Kon 21 (May 23-25 '97), Little Rock Hilton Inn, AR. Guests: David Weber, David Means, Margaret Middleton, Libby Singleton. Membership: ?. Info: P.O. Box 24285, Little Rock, AR 72221. 501-224-8771. E-mail: morris_middleton@aol.com

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