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Science Fiction Clubs

Science fiction clubs are often the best way for a new fan to wade into the fan world. They provide a more intimate forum for meeting other fans. Sometimes they even talk about science fiction (usually the newer members or neofans).

The biggest and most active clubs are in Los Angeles and Boston, but the South has a decent selection. Most clubs meet monthly. Some have a stable meeting site while others bounce from one location to another faster than a superball.

The SFC Bulletin publishes a list of active clubs in the Southeast along with contact information. Please call or E-mail the contact to verify the current information, as it can change rapidly. See the home page for subscription information.

The SFC Web Site would like to publish reports of Southern SF club meetings. If your club would like to be included, send your report (up to 500 words) to rbcleary@bellsouth.net (Randy B. Cleary, SFC President).