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On the Scene

ConStellation: October 19-21, 2001
Four Points Sheraton, Huntsville (Ala.) Airport

(L-R) Pat Molloy, Naomi Fisher, Julie Wall,
Tom Feller, Randy Cleary

Toni (T.K.F.) Weisskopf

Sam Smith and Mary Ortwerth working the registration desk (notice the spaceflight mural in the background)

Tia Wilhelm
(profiled on the Web site)

Sue and Steve Francis

The Camelopardalis Crew at the Opening Ceremony (can you guess the theme of this convention?)

Charlotte Proctor (stand, gentlemen!)

LARP Gamemasters:
Laura Dasnoit, Brandy Miller, Jenn Albright

Kae, Winner of the award for Most Creative Use of Sandwich Boards (you can't see the one in the back, but it's there)

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