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This page is devoted to creating a visual record of Southern fandom. Fans take photos at gatherings and sometimes publish a few of them in their zines. But a Web site can provide much better distribution and can display the photos in color at no extra cost.

If you have recent photographs of Southern fans doing their thing at conventions or any kind of meeting, we'd love to show them to the world. Computer files are preferred, but we can also scan paper photos.

Send graphic files as E-mail attachments to rbcleary@bellsouth.net (Randy B. Cleary, SFC President).

If the photo is of a small group, please identify the people in the photo.

Here are the links to the photo pages.

Myriad Collation: July 27, 2001
SFC Bulletin Mailing Party: August 4, 2001
ConStellation: October 19-21, 2001
Chattacon: January 19-21, 2002
Atomicon: March 15-17, 2002
Deep South Con: June 14-16, 2002 Page 1
Deep South Con: June 14-16, 2002 Page 2
Deep South Con: June 14-16, 2002 Page 3
Middle Tenn. SF Society Picnic: July 20, 2002